Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wear It - You'll Be Glad You Did!

Well, here we go... I've been thinking of doing this for quite some time now, and honestly, if I kept thinking about it, it would never happen. Time to make some moves. Make some waves, even. (Aah, a girl can dream, can't she?)
I am repeatedly asked "Where are you off to today, all dressed up like that?" (Or in my father's words - 'dressed like a lolly'). When did the sight of a stay-at-home mum dropping her kids off at school in killer heels become something to query? (Let's face it, when the shoes are that good, who cares what else she's wearing!) I regularly "doll it up" to drop the kids off - BECAUSE I WANT TO! And for no other reason than that! I feel good, I know I look good, and I love the questioning look I receive when I answer "Nothing. Just housework.." I've bought the clothes, I'll bloody well wear them!
In all the years I have been doing this, I have received hundreds of compliments on my style, I have been congratulated on bringing glamour back. I was even encouraged to keep it up! But on the few occasions where... ahem... I couldn't be bothered (can I write that in really little letters?), and donned the tracksuit and uggboots, no one even battered an eyelid! WHY? Is it really that accepted? Why the fuss when someone makes an effort?
For the record - the dress is over 6
years old, and the shoes - well, 3 pairs of
extremely gorgeous, high quality shoes
for $175.00 (Thanks, honey!)
You might be forgiven for thinking I spend a fortune on clothes and accessories - but you just need to ask anyone who knows me - I'm a modern day scrooge! My bargains are bargains by anyone's standard, I do not wear labels, and have grown quite efficient with a sewing machine! Hey - I have mouths to feed! My husband and kids might like having a fashionable wife/mum, but it's no good if they're blind with hunger!
So there's the intro! I guess I just want to share some ideas, some finds, and some fun...
Take care, ladies, and wear it - you'll be glad you did!